Hackney Wicked Festival – Friday night

Quite a big crowd had gathered even before Lennie Lee and I began to draw at 9pm on Friday evening. By the time it was really dark both the roof terrace and the lane were packed solid and the road outside was full of people too. We drew continuously till midnight – 3 hours – a real marathon! There were too many people to enable us to take any video footage but we did manage to take quite a lot of still shots both from the roof terrace and also from the road.The photos below show a couple of images from the drawings I did on the wall opposite the roof terrace.First I drew on the wall while Lennie drew on the ‘floating’ screen, then we changed places and I took this photo of Lennie drawing on the wall.It didn’t really matter that the drawing area on the wall was larger than our screen but fortunately Dima was able to position the projector for the ‘screen in the sky’ so that the drawing area fitted it exactly. Here are some of my aerial Tagtool images from our evening’s drawing.

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