Hackney WickED Tagtool performances

By the time that Dima had all the band’s instruments, electronic equipment, Tagtools and projectors set up on the terrace at Liquid Studios there was simply no room for another tripod to video the performances – which was a pity since, as happened last year, now I have only got the few photos that I took with my little camera.Most are like this one (the test drawing Maki did while Dima was setting up the projectors) – all out of focus and too dark! For our performances I was drawing with Maki, using two Tagtools and three projectors, with Supra+ providing the music. Although everything had worked perfectly in the studio equipment test in the afternoon, on Friday night for some reason my Tagtool didn’t want to start and I had a few anxious minutes before Dima managed to get it going.There was a big audience eagerly waiting for the session to begin but fortunately Maki was able to draw with his Tagtool and one projector in the centre of the screen while Dima restarted my computer and plugged and unplugged various cables in order to find out what was wrong and get my Tagtool to work.Meantime I went down to the street where took the photo below to show the reverse image of the Tagtool drawing on Ash’s big fabric screen floating in the sky across the lane.When I came back up the stairs the terrace was packed!Supra+ started to play, Dima got my Tagtool working and finally Maki and I were able to draw together!
Needless to say, after the performance the partying went on till late….

Lots of people in the audience were taking photos, some with cameras, others holding up their mobile phones so if anyone reading this blog has photos of our performance – please let me know!

On the Saturday night I decided that I wouldn’t attempt to take any photos at all. This turned out to be a good decision as there was an even bigger crowd than there had been on Friday and after Maki and I finished our drawing session with Supra+ the London group, The Coolness, did a set and asked me to draw for them too. This was fun – but I was really exhausted by the end of the evening! Afterwards I asked our friend Aimee if she had some photos of our session – like mine, they are rather dark and not in focus, but here are a few – they are the only record I have of what was a really great Hackney WickED weekend!

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  • Reply makimono August 12, 2011 at 7:09 pm

    it was real rock’n’roll, i have hi-res photos and HD video of everything in my head.

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