Illuminating York Festival – Update

My good intentions of posting every day have not been realised!  We have been so busy during the day and in the evening I have been too tired to do a posting. I will try to catch up tomorrow – meantime here is a quick account of what we have been doing. On Monday we spent the whole day at York St John’s University and went straight from there to the Wall of Light session in the evening. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent preparing for our special performance on Wednesday evening.  Thursday morning was so bright and sunny that we decided to give ourselves some time off and walk through the city centre to the river, which was great, but then it was time to pack up everything and head for the Wall of Light again.  Now posting photos will have to wait till tomorrow!  There is no doubt that this event is a great success – every evening there have been big and enthusiastic audiences and in the public sessions the queues have been so long that each time we have had to ask  people to come back later.  So – it has all been very tiring , but most enjoyable!

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