Illuminating York Festival – Wall of Light, First Evening Performance

Yesterday people started to gather round our tent early, while it was still light and by the time that the performance began there was a big audience to see the first show.
Because I went with Ben to the reception at the Art Gallery I wasn’t able to take any photos of Luca’s calligraphy that opened the evening’s events, but there was a time lapse camera installed in the tower so I was able to watch a speeded up version at home later. It seemed like every other person in the audience was taking pictures and videos with a camera or mobile phone. When I wasn’t drawing during the artists’ jam session I took a lot of photos too, both of the tower and the audience. Here are a few.
Ben is keeping a special Wall of Light blog and a group photo album. You can find it here –
The evening ended with a free session for the audience. It wasn’t difficult to persuade people to ‘have a go’ and soon there was a big queue of people of all ages eagerly waiting to have their opportunity to draw.
As you can see, the Tagtool found a lot of new friends!

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