In Berlin (part 1)

Friday 24 and Saturday 25 June – two nights of Tagtool drawing at 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival on the big wall at the MBU Skatepark where Ilan Katin and I did a bit of guerrilla action back in February.

Friday Night

1-KZM_8284This setting up photo shows just what a great location this is for large scale outdoor Tagtool drawing and this time (unlike in February) the weather was absolutely perfect! The graffiti and contrasting smooth and brick sections of this wall make for all kinds of interesting drawing possibilities too.  I drew first – only drawing in black and white because it wasn’t quite dark, but people had arrived already and were waiting to watch the performance.01-P112090802-P1120914Dima took lots of close up photos – here’s a selection…

05-P1120927Once I had finished the foreground figures I began to fade the drawing so that the background went to black … 11-P1120935…and now it was dark enough to work in colour and change the image.12-P1040277When I had finished this drawing I ‘handed over’ to Ilan. He uses the Tagtool for iPad, drawing with lots of animation – which is ideally suited to his calligraphic style and also provided a nice contrast to my figurative work.  I’m so sorry I haven’t any video of his work to post to show his animation as this photo only shows one fleeting moment in the progression of the drawing.1-P1040281 To end the evening – some more ‘old-school’ Tagtool drawing. And this time I used some really vivid colours!1-P10402825-P1040285It was such a great opportunity to be able to work on this enormous scale! To end this post – a couple of Dima’s close up photos of this drawing .2-P11209514-P1120975In a few days I will do  a posting about Saturday’s performance.


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