In Karlovy Vary

On 7 and 8 September at Karlovy Vary’s festival of light, ‘Shining Vary’, I had two very intensive evenings of Tagtool drawing. The location was the St Maria Magdalena Church in the town centre…IMG-1087 ….and to cover the whole of the front of the church, Borovka, the festival organisers, set up four powerful 12000 lumen projectors – which was really wonderful!IMG_20180906_221517With the street lighting and floodlights in front of the church turned off, the colours from the projectors were beautiful and super-bright and in the darkness my drawings could clearly be seen from a distance as well as near to.IMG_20180906_214158DSC06936We arrived two days before the festival so that I could test the equipment and make drawings to be projected between my live sessions on the Friday and Saturday nights.DSC06697The festival nights were a real drawing marathon for me – the show was scheduled each evening from 9 pm till midnight. I did three live drawings each night, so having the pre-prepared sessions in between gave me some welcome pauses. The theme chosen was ‘Happiness’ and I decided to do some abstract work as well as figurative drawing to provide variety for the audience. Kuba and Dima took lots of photos for me, which was great! Below is a selection of Kuba’s photos from Friday night.DSC06730DSC06738DSC06749DSC06776DSC06924Below are photos that Dima took on his mobile phone on Saturday. The two collages below are from my first drawing sequence of the evening…ShiningVary_1ShiningVary_11…and here are some more images from the later sessions.IMG_20180908_224007ShiningVary_12

IMG_20180908_233817IMG_20180908_235552IMG_20180908_235953It was a great opportunity for me to be able to draw at this wonderful location with such powerful projectors. I must end this post with a big thank you to the organisers for inviting me and also to Cyril Kaplan (pictured below) who provided the live music to accompany my drawing.IMG_20180907_234543


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