In Plzeň

01-P1130958On 21 August we drove from Šumava to Plzeň where Vložte kočku were playing at the street music festival. The stage had a white tarpaulin roof  and a light grey fine mesh rear ‘wall’ through which the contours of the building behind were dimly visible. I was able to draw over the whole stage and the roof – two different surfaces which produced some interesting effects, a lot of distortion in the drawing on the roof and slightly out of focus double images behind the band. I began by using black and white with quite a lot of transparency as  opaque colours looked quite different on the two surfaces, the roof being much brighter.02-P113096603-P1130973Dima took some photos from the side of the stage where the effect of the mesh background on the Tagtool drawing can be seen clearly….04-P114002105-P1140022…and in this ‘behind the scenes shot’ the shadows of the musicians and their instruments produced a ghostly, almost surreal effect. 06-P1140036Dima took a lot of photos at the concert – what follows is just a small selection.07-P114005308-P114005709-P114007410-P1140079Here is a close-up shot to end this post. I have many more photos and also some pieces of video which I’ll try to post later – when I have some ‘free’ time!11-P1140092

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