In Šumava

2-IMG_20160820_232436On Saturday 20 August I was drawing to accompany Vložte kočku at the ‘koncert pro šumavskou divočinu‘, a festival to promote awareness and conservation of the forests in the Šumava region. The event was held at the pension, U  Parádů, in a beautiful valley near the town of Prachatice.  The performance took place in the barn outside the main house and although the wall behind the band was dark wood and not very large, there was plenty of space for me to do improvised drawings above the heads of the musicians.1-IMG_20160820_232931The barn was so packed with people that part of the audience had to stand outside as well inside and at times it was difficult for me to see what I was drawing over the heads of the crowd.  Dima managed to take a few  photos for me with his mobile phone – here’s a selection.3-IMG_20160820_2331454-IMG_20160820_2335355-IMG_20160820_2336186-IMG_20160820_233635It’s some time since I did Tagtool drawing for Vložte kočku and  I really enjoyed this concert. The music was great and the audience very enthusiastic, so when you add to this the beautiful location – it was the recipe for a perfect evening!

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