Kunstwerkstatt Jam sessions

After the official launch party for the new Tagtool at WUK, the following evening we went to the Kunstwerkstatt in Tulln for a little informal chill-out session with Maki, Seppi, Don Moss and Die. Puntigam.
Just like old times!
Seppi set up two projectors so that the drawing area for these sessions consisted of two overlapping ‘layers’, which enabled us to draw and animate using both the DIY and iPad versions of the Tagtool together.
In the photos below Maki is drawing with the new iPad Tagtool app. and I’m using my ‘old-school’ Tagtool, with Don Moss joining the session on a second iPad.

And here’s the second session of the evening – Die. Puntigam drawing with Maki.I’m sorry I don’t have any video for the blog to show Maki and Die. Puntigam’s really interesting animation in this session – but instead I took a lot of photos. Here is a selection to show some of the different phases of their drawing.

All too soon it was time for us to pack up our Tagtools and go home!

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