Lunchmeat Festival, Prague

There were performances featuring both the ‘oldschool’ Tagtool and the exciting new Tagtool for iPad at this big audiovisual event which was held this year in Prague’s National Gallery building, the Veletržní palác. As well as using the cinema in the basement for the main stage, the event spilled over into the salon on the ground floor and there were projections on the stairway and in the basement bar as well. The iPad workshop was held outside the entrance while our ‘oldschool’ Tagtool was located in the bar adjacent to the cinema. For this set up Dima used three projectors, enabling me to draw over the entire length of the wall above the bar.
My workstation was at the front of the chill-out area on the balcony opposite the bar (the rail of the balcony can be seen in the photo above) which meant that I had a clear unobstructed view over the heads of people standing at the bar below – an ideal Tagtool set up! Because people were coming and going all the time, especially between the performances in the cinema, I decided to develop several different drawings during the evening and then leave each one in place for a short while. Below are some of the photos that Dima took for the blog.


As it was a very long evening of drawing for me, halfway through I took a break and handed the pen to Ade. Of course she had to draw ‘cross handed’ (which is not at all easy!) as I was using my big left-handed Tagtool All-in-one. (Not so convenient for sharing with right-handers, but the necessary choice for me in this drawing situation as my All-in-one has a much more powerful graphic card than the one in the laptop that I use with my Tagtool mini. This means that I can use a lot more transparent layers and fading without activating the release button during drawing). Itzi joined Ade to do the animation and it was a nice fun session. I made the collage below from photos that I took with my little camera.

After this welcome break I returned to draw….

….and Dima took some more photos.

It was nearly 3 am when I began the final drawing in the photo above – it had been a very long night, but really wonderful to be able to draw in such a great location, and with such a big audience!

At the beginning of the evening Seppi and Itzi had intrigued and entertained the crowds outside the Veletržní palác with their Tagtool for iPad workshop; their performance in the cinema accompanying the beats of Sinjin Hawke from Montreal ended the festival programme. Dima has made a video of this performance but as the Tagtool for iPad is so brilliantly designed for animated painting I will save this video to put in a separate posting!

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