Matt Elliott in concert at A Maze in Tchaiovna

1-01-matt_second001I have often listened to Matt Elliott’s music while drawing in my studio but I have never heard  him play live, so it was a particular pleasure to be able to do some Tagtool drawing at this concert at A Maze in Tchaiovna. The basement concert room at this vegetarian/vegan restaurant and community hub in Prague was not large, but putting a white sheet over the small window above the stage provided a good background for drawing.3-P1070268I made the drawing above to show the Tagtool to Matt and discuss the idea of drawing during the performance. Although our Epson projector easily covered the whole alcove and stage from floor to ceiling, during the performance I kept the images fairly dark, only drawing on the rear wall behind the stage.  Dima took both photos and some video of the concert – the video was rather dark but I have lots of photos. Here is a selection…1-01-07-matt0440




4-4-09-32-matt1719 The first drawing sequence ended in monochrome so I decided to introduce some warmer colour for the next song…5-5-11-42-matt2105…returning to more sombre watery imagery for this ‘drowning song’.

6-6-14-54-matt2534Back again to monochrome……


3-IMG_3630…and then a return to colour for the last song.1-IMG_3638It was great to have this opportunity to hear Matt Elliott perform live.  After the concert Andy, who runs Tchaiovna, took up his fiddle and joined Matt on stage for an impromptu number and I did the drawing below.10-matt_second341

Then some members of the audience wanted to know how the Tagtool worked so I did some more drawing…2-P1070304…while in the bar the jam session went on till late.3-IMG_3658It was a most enjoyable evening – the perfect mix of music and good company!


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