Meander Festival, Loket

Catch-up time for the blog!On 4 September we were drawing at this very nice countryside festival organised by our friend Andy Tchaiovna but I have only now got round to doing a posting…Because there were already a lot of stage decorations, projections and lighting in front of the stage, projecting from inside the tent was not an option. But our big Epson projector easily shone through the canvas so we mounted it behind the tent inside the van and my Tagtool was connected via a long cable to the tent.As it was not possible for me to see easily all of what I was drawing behind the performers I decided to keep things simple – a frieze of bright colours, some big heads and silhouettes…and below here are some of Dima’s photos.

Having this small monitor (below) beside my Tagtool did help me to see – a bit!Dima also went outside to take some photos from behind the tent….

…the two above showing the outside/inside view of the same drawing. When we set up the projector we found that from inside the drawings could only be seen on the vertical wall of the tent, an accidental happening that made it look like the images were precisely mapped – nice!Finally – many thanks to Andy, Justin Lavash and all the other musicians who made this such an enjoyable evening for us!

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