More Floating Castle Festival Drawings

When Dima was setting up the projection equipment for the Cupola, before the stage was built I took the opportunity to do some little drawings just for fun.For the drawings above I was using only one projector, which worked quite well, but during the festival itself the plan was to cover a much larger area of the tent using three projectors and triple head – a great idea, but the laptop we were using was not as powerful as the computer in my big Tagtool. This resulted in the drawing ‘lagging’ quite quickly so that it became impossible to position things accurately and also the central projector had a different colour cast from the two outer ones – which created yet another drawing problem. The photos below show my attempts to try to compensate for these shortcomings….

But despite these problems, drawing in the tent was fun and also had the added benefit of making the tent glow in the darkness on the hillside attracting the festival visitors to visit it.

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