More from Festival HISTeRIA – part 1

Although K.U.N.T.Z. have presented the song cycle ‘Hexentiere’ in different venues in Vienna, Berlin and Prague, the beautiful dome tent, pictured below, of the ‘Drama’ stage at Festival HISTeRIA provided an ideal space for us to show in performance the multi-dimensional aspect of the piece for the first time.With Jan on drums and David delivering vocals, mimicking both the sounds and movements of the seven animals, I developed a Tagtool drawing for each one, morphing each scene into the next while the masked dancers performed in front of the stage. Their movements sometimes were captured as shadows within the drawing which produced a most interesting fusion of the ‘real’ and old-school Tagtool drawn imagery. Although I had made the donkey and wolf masks and the crow on the stand initially as props for promotional material for the band, being able to include these in the show was a real bonus – so, very many thanks must go to the dancers from the festival who performed with us! The photos below, which were taken my friend Stefanie, show well this multi-dimensional aspect of the piece. Music, dance and Tagtool drawing – I think this is a really exciting and interesting combination for live performances!

In my next posting there will be photos from K.U.N.T.Z. ‘Golden Kuntry’ show on the last day of the festival – and Dima is now preparing some video for the blog too…..

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