More News from the Wall of Light

I’ve failed (again!) to carry out my intention to do a posting every day about the Tagtool performances on the Multangular Tower, so this is another ‘catch up’ posting. Now I have taken so many photos that it is really difficult to select just a few for this blog. Every evening has been different, but one thing has been a constant – the expressions of pure joy and delight on the faces of all the children, and their parents, who have ‘had a go’ at drawing with the Tagtool. One parent, on discovering that the festival ended on Sunday said to me, ‘What a shame! I think they should have kept the Wall of Light until Christmas.’ All the public sessions have attracted long queues, with people who didn’t manage to ‘have a go’ coming back early the next evening, or waiting for the late evening public session. I have taken so many photos – but here are some of my favourites.

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