Mutanti Hledaj Východisko in Brno

01-P1130702Mutanti‘s concert on Monday night was held in the  (confusingly named!) venue,  PRAHA / Fórum pro architekturu a média, which was small but very well designed and had a nice intimate atmosphere. There was no raised stage but with the ceiling spotlights turned off I was able to use my Tagtool drawing to provide lighting for Jirka and Honza as well as covering the whole of the wall behind them.03-P1130715Their programme contained most of the songs that they performed in June at at the Music Club Střelnice in Klatovy, but in a different order – on this occasion the song, ‘Chernobyl’ (above) was followed by ‘Uncle Honza’, the song about a girl on a swing. 05-P1130729

07-P1130740As most of Mutanti’s songs are both fast paced and quite short (about 3 minutes), managing the transitions between them is quite challenging. Where it was possible I tried to use some of the drawing for one song as a background for the next, either by partial fading out or drawing over it, to avoid having too many abrupt ‘pauses’ in the visuals.08-P1130754After this urban landscape I had to begin a completely new drawing for Mutanti’s next (hip hop) song, ‘Primitive Instincts’…09-P1130755 …but this provided a suitable background (and gave me a full 10 minutes) to develop this drawing of the ‘big black guy’, who was the subject of the longer song, ‘Discotheque’ which followed.10-P1130779


1-P1130786After another fade to black, a complete change of atmosphere and some more abstract drawing to accompany the next two songs…12-P1130788

13-P1130790…’Andele’ (above) and then something dark and slightly mysterious for ‘Winnie the Pooh’.14-P1130798Mutanti ended their concert with a song about a ‘Lonely Bambi’ – cue another change of mood…15-P1130821…and then it was time for a well deserved beer before packing up the equipment and heading for home!1-P1130822


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