My new All-in-one Tagtool

Dima has just finished making me this super powerful new All-in-one Tagtool (and it’s left handed of course!). I’m so pleased with it that I thought I’d do a posting showing how he made it. With the lid on it measures 52.5 x 77.5 x 27.5 cms and is made using the Adam Hall Easy Case System. The computer fits inside this flight case and the Wacom tablet and Tagtool are attached underneath the (removable) drawing surface that fits inside the lid. There is enough space under the drawing surface next to the computer to store all the cables and also the projector – and even with all this inside I can still lift it by myself (just!)Fitting together all the components for the computer – the part of the process that I know Dima likes best! He decided to use a very cheap (and therefore light) computer case for this.Next came the measuring and cutting of the material for the flight case – a much less less exciting task and very important to do accurately!Then all the parts just had to be slotted together and riveted in place.

The photos below show how we fitted the Wacom tablet into the work surface – and fortunately there was just enough of the aluminium strips left over from making the case to make the two ‘rails’ (which fitted perfectly!) to hold the tablet in place.The next task was to make the back so that the drawing surface would be sloping when in use. (The hinge came off an old mirror that we found on a rubbish dump…as usual, no project of ours is complete without a bit of recycling!)After that Dima drilled and cut this plastic work surface in order to fit the sliders, arduino and the big red button for the Tagtool.Then it was time to solder all the wires for the Tagtool – another tricky operation requiring patience and concentration!Below is a view of the interior of the flight case showing the luggage straps that secure the computer in position inside.This photo shows the finished case all packed up and ready to go. It is lockable, has extra side handles for easy carrying and air vents in the base for the fans when the computer is running.I’m really looking forward to using it – and as we have two performances in Prague this week, at DOX Gallery on Wednesday evening and at the Meetfactory on Saturday night as part of the Lunchmeat Festival, Dima has finished my new Tagtool just in time!

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