On the street and in the studio…

…two magic nights of Tagtooling with VJ Suave, Maki, Seppi, Iink and Malu!
We met up with the Lunchmeat crew in Prague before it got dark to set up the Tagtools and projectors under the trees in the park. The big picture in the collage below shows the building at Malostranska in the centre of Prague chosen by Lunchmeat for the outdoor event – what a great location for Tagtooling!We were using all three ‘generations’ of the Tagtool – my beloved ‘old-school’ All-in-one, Tagtool for iPad aa well as the youngest member of the family of Tagtools, the Tagtool Play. Below – Maki, Iink and VJ Suave at work…It’s the first time we have tried a multiplayer session like this on the street using all the Tagtools and it was quite a complex set up that took a little time to get used to. We were using two matching Epson projectors, one for the ‘old-school’, the other for the iPads – ours and one from Lunchmeat – which worked brilliantly. (Since we invested in this Epson 6000 full HD projector we’ve used it at every event, indoors and out – it wasn’t cheap, but it was definitely worth saving up for!!) I haven’t many photos as most of the time I was busy drawing, but below are two stills from an animation by VJ Suave, Maki and Iink… Below, a combination of my ‘old-school’ drawing together with iPad animation…
…and this sequence of photos shows the progression of some of my ‘old-school’ drawing combined with some more iPad animation from Maki and VJ Suave….

We all had a lot of fun and all too soon it was time to pack up and go home!So here’s a big “thankyou” to Lunchmeat for organising everything and also to DJ tvprodukt who provided some great music to accompany the drawing!!

After this street session, the following evening we had a jam session at home in the studio – and this time everyone was using iPads (including Dima and me!)Of course the stills I took with my little camera can’t show DJ Suave, Maki and Iink’s clever animation techniques….but I think they capture something of the sense of fun that can be had when a lot of people draw and animate together!Another sequence of drawings on the studio wall…
…and this photo from my iPad shows how the session ended.
An iconic cat from VJ Suave…
…with a lot of additions from the rest of the company!Here Maki looks surprised by the reflection of the cat…..
…while in this photo Dima’s black and white figure menaces VJ Suave!And needless-to-say the partying went on till very late…..

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    Inspiring, to see you people coming together.

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