Our Holiday in Slovenia

…Tagtool drawing every evening!
P1060337We were camping at Kozarišče again this year and drawing at the Floating Castle Site-specific Festival held at beautiful Grad Sneznik from 23 to 30 August.During the festival I was also drawing at some of the concerts that were held in this dome tent, which formed one of the festival stages that were erected in the grounds of the castle. I have so many photos of my festival Tagtool drawings that I’ll leave them for my next posting and only show the pre-festival events here.
The first of these was this concert hosted by the cultural institute Ars Viva at the new amphitheatre in the village of Podcerkev.The programme featured all the members of the Etno Histeria orchestra and, as darkness fell and the concert began, every seat in the amphitheatre was taken. There was not enough space behind the musicians for me to draw so instead we turned the projector to cover the building above the bar in the courtyard and I did several drawings during the course of the evening. Here’s a selection…

The orchestra gave a wonderful performance – a great beginning to our holiday!

A few days later we were projecting on the front of this 16C castle, Koča vas at Markovec. Now uninhabited, this beautifully proportioned Renaissance building once was the home of a German nobleman and letters dating from 17C century from the widow of this nobleman to her daughter who was living in Trieste were found recently. These were of great historical significance, not only because of the vivid picture they provided of life at that time, but that they were written in Slovenian, not German which then would have been the first language of the nobility. Milena Ožbolt read a selection of these letters at the open air concert given by musicians from the Etno histeria orchestra while I made a Tagtool drawing on the front of the castle as a background to their performance.
As I don’t understand Slovenian, before this event we met with Milena who kindly provided me with a translation in English of some of the letters to give me some idea of what I should be drawing to accompany her reading!Straw bales were set out in front of the castle for the large audience who came to see the performance and afterwards there were delicious home-made Slovenian cakes and a big open air feast for everyone – a splendid finale to another most enjoyable and memorable evening!

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