Our New Year Party

With whisky, home-made shortbread and Dundee cake at midnight of course!But because our friend Janko Polak and his theatre group are staying with us over New Year, rehearsing in the studio, it was a really international party with ten different nationalities represented in the company playing and singing round the table in the kitchen – with Timur and Diamond (centre below) as audience!Then we all went to the studio for some more music making – and a little drawing session. Because some of the company had not seen Tagtool before, I did some quick drawings to show the functions of the different sliders – and the big red button to make it all disappear! Then it was time for some old-school jamming but I was so busy drawing (and partying!) that I forgot to take photos and only have these two showing fading from my demonstration session….
Playing with Tagtool – a great way to start the New Year!

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