Performances in Kristianstad, Sweden, Part 1

We were invited by Torjus Wrangell from the Barbacka Cultural Centre to do two outdoor Tagtool performances on the gable ends of buildings on a nice big corner site directly opposite Kristianstad art gallery and museum. This was a great location and an excellent opportunity for some large scale drawing!

The photos on the left show musician Leo, from the group Autotes, who accompanied our drawing.
And as you can see from the collage of photos below, Torjus and his crew were extremely well organised and professional, helping us to get everything set up and ready for our evening performances. We really did need all these gazebos to shelter the Tagtool and music equipment – by the time darkness fell it was raining hard!Torjus had asked photographer Fredrik Grönwall to document both evening performances and I also remembered to take a few photos when I wasn’t busy drawing, so now I have plenty of visual material to choose from for the blog.
Despite the wet weather a small audience gathered to see the projections and a reporter arrived also to do an interview and take photos for the local paper.
The photo above shows one of the Super8 film projections Dima made to accompany my drawing and below is a still from one of the short films by Skane film-maker, Anders Weberg that Torjus showed in the ‘interval’ between drawings.
These photos are from my final sequence of drawing on one of the buildings. Somehow, it seemed appropriate to end with a wintry scene to match the dark and wet evening!
In the photos below – the next morning the Kristianstad newspaper had this big photo (on the front page!) and inside a feature article about the Tagtool with more photos from our first evening performance – which was great publicity for our second evening performance!.

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