Performance at D.I.V.O. Institute, Kolin

On Saturday we went to Kolin with Max Bogner, the Austrian guitarist aka Margaret Unknown to do a guitar and Tagtool performance at Mark and Sonia’s ‘Divo and Holubnik’ evening concert.Max’s guitar solo with my live drawing background was the first item on the programme. Of course I wasn’t able to take any photos while I was drawing, but Dima made a recording of Max’s performance that I will put in a later posting.But I did manage to take these photos and made the collage above of the next performer on the programme, the musician ŠOUMEN from Kolin. I enjoyed this performance a lot, but because the vocals were in Czech unfortunately I was not able to catch all the nuances of language that were obviously very much appreciated by the (mainly local) audience.The next artist on the programme was the American instrumentalist Nathan Bell and although he hadn’t seen any of my drawing except for the visuals that I did when Max was playing earlier in the evening he said he was happy for me to jam with him in his performance. For his compositions he used a combination of banjo, bells, drum and voice – really great music for drawing! I will post Dima’s video of this performance later – here is one drawing sequence from his photos.

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