Malostranska Beseda Performance

The music and theatre club Malostranska Beseda occupies the first floor of an impressive late renaissance building (that was formerly Prague’s City Hall) in the centre of the historic Mala Strana district of the city – very grand surroundings indeed for our live drawing performance at the private party given by on the occasion of the company’s 15th anniversary!Our double projection covered the full width of the wall of the chill out room for the party – which was great for Tagtooling despite the fact that with coloured spotlights and the chandelier lit while the cold buffet was being served, the room was quite light. The drawing below, which had an animation of flying birds and a happy anniversary message for the opening of the reception, was to ‘set the scene’ for the first of the after dinner performances in the theatre, from the Brazilian percussion group Batukatum and the Rio Dance Show.
The niches and alcoves with the vaulted pillars between them made this a much more interesting surface for drawing than a plain flat wall….

…and once the buffet was served and the chandelier switched off leaving only the more intimate lighting from the coloured spotlights, suddenly the projection appeared to be much brighter and more dramatic.As the guests were moving backwards and forwards between the theatre, bar and chill out room during the course of the evening, we were able to do a variety of drawing sequences and animations. Dima took many photos – here is a selection.I made use of the niches to do a bit of slightly scary trompe d’oeil drawing…I don’t know how much of the background would appear in their photo!Here are photos of what Dima always refers to as, ‘one of your Lady Macbeths’!In this photo our projection is seen through the doorway from the bar.For us it was a really nice evening of drawing – and we also enjoyed the superb buffet and friendly company – so, happy 15th anniversary from us to!

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