Projection for Lumitrix

The two images above are from the little test session that I did (using our projector mounted sideways) from the balcony of the Lumitrix office in Prague and as these photos show there is a lot of ambient light both fixed and from passing cars and trams. The balcony was very small and one overhead tram light was directly in my line of sight so there was a part of the wall where I couldn’t see what I was drawing. But despite these limitations, this was a great location for drawing and I enjoyed just playing and trying out different out different images.

The Lumitrix company produce high quality plug’n’play  all weather projectors designed for permanent outdoor projections and the idea was to use this wall opposite their offices as an outdoor ‘on the street’ gallery to showcase the work of different artists. Having done this test session with our projector (on a nice dry evening of course!) I prepared a session in our studio which Dima then rendered so that it could be projected as a continuous loop to play all evening using the all weather Lumitrix projection equipment.1-P1070723It was very interesting for me to stand on the street and ‘watch myself drawing’.  Below are a few of Dima’s photos.3-P10707254-P10707296-P1070734For this continuous projection Dima speeded up my drawing, which worked quite well, but having seen the result I think I would like to do another session and get Dima to make my drawing develop a little more slowly and have a pause between each ‘completed’ drawing in the sequence…but as this photo below shows, Kuba (our boss at Lunchmeat) thought the session was OK! 7-P1070737

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