Projections at Mladá Boleslav

In January and February we had some ‘time off’ from Tagtooling so I didn’t have any new things to post – but this month we have made a cycle of drawings for projection on this beautiful building in the centre of Mladá Boleslav.This project, accompanying a week long event of film screenings held in the town, was being managed by Vaclav from the Lunchmeat crew. Unusually for us, this meant that we were working to a brief and preparing the visual material in the studio rather than drawing live ‘on-site’. I had to make three drawings to represent three different periods in the town’s history…
First, the settlement in the 16C of the Protestant Brothers, the ‘Unitas Fratrum’,then in the 18C, came the establishment of an important Jewish community in the town, when it became known as ‘the Jerusalem of the north’(above, my drawing in the studio and below, the ‘on-site’ version)and lastly after World War II……up to the present day, when Mladá Boleslav has become famous as the centre for the production of Škoda cars.As can be seen in the photos above, I worked out the three compositions in the studio by making my Tagtool drawing over a projection of a photograph of the building. The drawings were then speeded up to fit the required length of the programme. As part of the linking elements of the projection I also made these drawings of figures at the lighted windows.This was the only part of the drawing that was mapped and made on location (which, because in was necessary to have the building’s floodlights turned off, had been arranged to take place the evening before the first performance. Unfortunately it was an evening of pouring rain and high wind and while I was drawing, our gazebo sheltering the computer and Tagtool, despite being tied down to the caravan housing the projector, got completely twisted and buckled out of shape. I was damp and shivering so much that I could hardly hold my pen!). I’m glad to say that the weather was much kinder on Friday when Dima made this video of the whole performance!
The graphics are by Jan Hladil (zephid) and the specially composed music is by William Yates (memotone).

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