Some new 3D experiments

I took the photos below directly from the TV screen of some of the test drawings that I have done in the last few days using Dima’s new drawing programme. Photographed like this they just look out of focus of course! But I quite like the effect that is obtained by viewing the image without wearing 3D glasses and there is no doubt that drawing in 3D with the glasses on is quite an extraordinary experience. It really feels like a whole new world to explore….A first ‘proof of concept’ drawing. The drawing is enabled in 3 separate ‘layers’.Above – viewed through 3D glasses the figure in the foreground really appeared to be standing in the room in front of the TV – very spooky!The image above has 5 drawing layers, 2 for the rooftops and 3 for the interior.Above there are 6 layers of drawing, with each head drawn on a separate layer. Seen through the 3D glasses they looked like a set of cardboard cut outs arranged in space – but I really only did this drawing to test the drawing line.Above – a quick 5 layer sketch…..
Now Dima has added a grey scale to the programme to enable me to do this kind of tonal painting. The image above has 7 layers and the 3D effect is more subtle.

If you have red/cyan anaglyph glasses please put them on now – and you should be able to see some of these drawing experiments in REAL 3D….


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