Some Tagtool iPad drawings

We had a short session in the studio this afternoon having fun using the Tagtool for iPad app which is now installed on my new iPad 4. Below is a photo (also taken using the iPad) of the first drawing we made, projected on the studio wall.photoAt first I was drawing by myself and I had completed the whole head before Dima joined in using his iPad 3, so it wasn’t a true multiplayer session. But when Dima added the animation of the man’s cigarette smoke and drew over and animated his lips, what was a very quick sketchy drawing really ‘came to life’!

I took Seppi’s advice and in the settings for the app turned the Reduced Resolution button to On and set both the Paint Gesture Filtering and the Animation Gesture Filtering to Zero. Although Seppi said this would make the drawn image on the iPad less sharp, I can’t say I noticed a great deal of difference (and the image on the wall was unchanged) but having the settings like this was really much better for me – the ‘feel’ of the drawing was so much smoother when I worked very quickly, especially when I was drawing using a lot of fine lines. Having used the big Wacom drawing tablet with my ‘oldschool’ Tagtool for so long, it has taken me some time to adjust to the small drawing area of the iPad and get used to using the zoom feature to ‘home in’ to draw detail – but it’s certainly great to be able just to walk into the studio carrying my iPad rather than a great mass of tangled wires and awkward shaped bits of equipment that all need to be hooked up together!
I spent the rest of the afternoon in the studio just playing about with my iPad –
here are a few of the drawings that I did during this (2)Above – screenshot from the iPad. Below – the same image projected on the wallphoto (3)
photo (2)Above is a photo that shows a drawing in zoom view on the iPad and below is a photo of the projection of the same (5)Here are two more ‘views’ of another drawing – the first is a screenshot from my iPad which, because the drawing is not in zoom view and was being projected over two adjacent walls, looks very small and distorted, and below this is the ‘real’ projected drawing. Using our short throw projector converted this tiny iPad drawing into a really enormous image, dwarfing Dima sitting at the drums! photo (1)photo (4)

I don’t think I’m quite ready yet to abandon for ever my old and much loved ‘oldschool’ Tagtool, but the more I practise with the iPad app the more I enjoy using it – and discover all the wonderful things it can do!

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