Supra+ and Tagtool at Galerie Naplavka

Our friend Kuba from the Lunchmeat crew arranged for us to have a performance in this newly renovated quayside venue in the centre of Prague.  It is a very nice, completely empty space and, although low ceilinged, the walls are totally plain and either white or natural stone colour – ideal for Tagtooling! Dima’s first task was to get everything set up for the band. Then Jan, Max and David were able to try out the setting while he put up the Tagtool and projectors.I lit the candle in my Halloween pumpkin to add to the atmosphere and then did some spooky drawings of dancing skeletons to test our Tagtool setup. Dima took this photo with his big camera – the ones below (mine) are as usual, not so good! I didn’t take any photos of the drawings I did when the band was playing but here is a photo from the abstract sequence that I did at the beginning of the evening.And some more photos from Dima…As it was the first really cold night of the season there was only a small audience, which was a pity, but the people who braved the chilly autumn weather were rewarded with a great performance from Supra+ – and also were able to enjoy hot wine from the bar!The two photos below showing my Tagtool drawing for Supra+’s set are by Dita Havránková.

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