Tagtool and Dance Performance

For some time I have been looking for an opportunity to combine Tagtool drawing with a dance performance so I was really happy to be able to work with Kateřina Eva Lanči at her dance studio in Drozdov. We had two intensive practice sessions at Drozdov, in the first she danced alone and for the second her partner was Václav Kovář.  Here are two photos from our first session… 1-P10800312-P1080057Kateřina chose the playlist for this session and it was interesting for me to have some different music to accompany my drawing.  For the second session we had live music by Turkish musicians, Fezayafirar, with whom I have worked on previous occasions but unfortunately I don’t have any photos for the blog. Then on 5 May we had a performance all together in Prague at the interesting old theatre, Venuše ve Švehlovce. For this public performance the musicians were located on the stage behind the seating for the audience….1-P1080172….while the dancers occupied the auditorium with the drawing covering the whole of this space, floor, walls and balcony, sometimes illuminating or sometimes obscuring the dancers.5-P10801684-P10801663-P1080170Venuše is  an ideal venue for this kind of collaborative performance and we spent one whole day working together in the space while Dima and Lukas took a lot of video. Dima will edit this video later but meantime here are some more photos to end this posting.7-venuse_012766-P10801561-venuse_002722-venuse_004063-venuse_005185-venuse_006266-venuse_011232-P10801841-P1080186.JPG

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    wonderful, thank you for sharing

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