Tagtool and Guitar

I didn’t post any entries on the blog in February so this is something of  a ‘catch up’ posting.   Over the last few weeks I have been doing some Tagtool drawing in the studio as a ‘background’ for Dima to play guitar.  Here are a couple of photos from these sessions.
Sometimes I tried to ‘follow’ Dima’s playing by building up a variety of patterns and textures, but I also made some of my usual figurative and landscape work too. Although the projection area was quite large, directing the beam from floor level meant that a lot of the lower part of the drawing area was obscured by Dima and all his equipment. Directing the projection higher up the wall just didn’t work very well so to solve this problem we decided to completely reorganise the studio!
We have now built (using old pallets) a slightly raised area in one corner of the studio for the Tagtool set-up and another, larger, built up performance area (also from old pallets and other scrap materials) in the opposite corner. We bought a second (matching) BenQ projector and with our Dualhead2go we are now able to cover the walls behind the whole of the new performance corner. Dima made two wooden trays to hold the projectors, which he has mounted on two heavy tripods. We are very excited about this new arrangement – so here are a few photos showing the building and testing process.The construction of the raised area for the Tagtool workstation.Building the performance area.Testing the projectors – all systems working and ready to go!

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