Tagtool at Horní Vltavice, Sumava

…drawing to accompany performances by Zrní and Please the Trees at the ‘KONCERT PRO ŠUMAVSKOU DIVOČINU’ on Saturday 19 September. This was quite a marathon for me – drawing for two different bands in the one evening! As Zrní were playing on the main stage in the big tent and the finale by was in the cupola tent (which was nearby) the projector and Tagtool had to be moved from one location to the other in double quick time. The photo at the head of this post is one of my drawings for Zrní, the second is for Please the Trees and below are another two photos from each of the performances.
As the music of the two bands was quite different, I made only landscape and abstract drawings for Zrní and more figurative sequences for Please the Trees.
Dima took so many photos for me that it has taken me some time to sort them out. As well as using my little camera he took a lot of panoramic shots with his (superior!) photo equipment. I plan to make separate postings of the drawings for each band but I’ll end this post with a few of Dima’s panoramic shots.

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