Tagtool at Slany Museum

The performance was held in the inner courtyard of Slany Local History Museum. The projector was set up beside the decorative ironwork of the well to avoid it casting shadows on my drawing. As the weather was cold and dry we didn’t need to shelter the equipment under a gazebo so I positioned the Tagtool near the middle of the courtyard and by the time the performance began, despite the cold, the courtyard was crowded with people, both adults and children.Dima had assembled a nice varied playlist to accompany my drawing and the programme lasted for just over one hour (which I think was more than long enough for most of the people, especially the younger children, to stand outside in the cold!) I started with a suitably wintry landscape….…and then I began to draw something a bit more colourful.

An urban landscape to accompany the song, ‘Melancholy Man’ by Can Gox

…and again something a bit lighter as introduction to my final drawing sequence!

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