Tagtool at York St John’s University

Ben, Matthias, Josef and I met with First Year Product Design students who were going to use the Tagtool in a project to draw on selected buildings in the city later in the week. Ben showed how GaiaNova had used the Tagtool in some of their company’s projects and Josef and Matthias outlined the work of O.M.A. International in developing the Tagtool. They also showed some footage of the latest instalment of their animation – which the students obviously enjoyed very much! The students then had an opportunity to try out the Tagtool for themselves, both drawing and animating using the gamepad. At the end of the day there was no shortage of volunteers wanting to participate in the evening project.

On Tuesday evening it was the turn of the Third Year Fine Art students to provide the artist session at the Multangular Tower. They had prepared their programme of short pieces working singly or in pairs, drawing and animating. The first two students drew only in white to accompany a live narration. The others used music soundtracks to accompany their drawing and animation. The finale was a free improvisation in brilliant colour to accompany a live performance on bassoon.

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