Tagtool for iPad in Vienna

We arrived in Vienna on Saturday evening just in time to join Maki in a drawing session using the (soon to be released!) new Tagtool for iPad at the Buskers Festival. This two day event had attracted large crowds of people and many different street performers and musicians to Karlsplatz in the centre of the city.The photo above shows us sitting at the table with our iPads and, in the background, you can see the very neat solution devised by the crew for mounting the projector – it’s an upended folding pub bench with one leg acting as a shelf for the projector and the other secured to a rubbish bin!
It was great to have this opportunity to try out the Tagtool for iPad – and with Maki’s help I soon got to grips with all the various animation features – they’re great fun to use and have a completely different ‘feel’ to the oldschool Tagtool.Above is an iPad screenshot of the final image that Maki and I drew together and below is a photo I took with my little camera of the same image as it appeared (with interesting distortions) when projected onto the façade of the building.I’m so sorry that I didn’t take any video to show the animation – you will just have to imagine the boy nodding his head, bouncing up and down with his arms and tie waving, the tree gently swaying and the dog jumping……..

There are a lot of nice photos of Maki’s solo drawings on the first day this event on the Tagtool facebook page – do check them out!

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