Tagtool Holiday!

Last week Danil Gertman and his family came to stay with us – so of course the first stop was the studio where Danil got out his iPad pro, hooked up to the projector and immediately did some drawing on the wall. Unfortunately I hadn’t charged my camera so I  only could take a few shots of his session on my phone.

Then Dima set up my ‘old-school’ Tagtool next to Danil’s workstation and brought out our old Edirol mixer so we all could work together. We haven’t done this for ages and it was great fun, with Danil and I drawing and Dima manipulating the colour and opacity of the drawing via the mixer. As there was no time to set up the camera to document this impromptu session, below is a photo from my phone of our final image.1-20170415_125903The following day Grundik Kasyansky arrived with his family and we were able to add his live music to the mix. Perfect! With the big screen set up in the music studio, now we could have both video and sound recording – and also properly document the sessions. Grundik will edit the video of our sessions but meantime here are a lot of screenshots from the sessions where me,  Danil, Grundik and Dima were working together.






13-All064114-All066415-All075316-All0863And here are some screenshots from our second session…..


10-All138211-All147914-All157515-All1664Because our drawing went through so many changes in these sessions and Dima’s manipulation with the mixer added further transformations of the images, I have posted lots of screenshots to try to recreate the development of our drawing as ‘performance art’.


As well as these studio sessions, I had had hopes of putting our generator and all the equipment into the van and doing some projector bombing but the weather was far too cold even to light a fire outside and draw in the garden. But on the plus side, the bad weather meant that Danil and Grundik had more opportunities to work together in the studio – and I had a chance to sit back and enjoy their performances!1-20170419_115400 Danil also encouraged me to try out his iPad pro and pencil.  Although it didn’t take me long to get used to the ‘feel’ of the pencil, I quickly realised that I would have to do quite a lot of  practicing before I would become fluent in changing the scale and position of the imagery.


I was so happy to have this opportunity to try out Danil’s iPad pro – the larger drawing area really makes a difference – and after this experience I know that I will certainly buy one for myself when Apple release the new edition. Meantime, I will stick with my beloved old-school Tagtool!

This was a very intensive but most enjoyable few days of drawing! The studio felt quite empty when everyone went home – it’s sad that we all live so very far apart…..

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    We will come back, next time! For sure!!!)

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