Tagtool in Austria

For the next five days we are in Austria, staying at Tulln, the ‘home’ of the Tagtool.  Today we are visiting Gneixendorf, near Krems to do some drawing and filming with Dieter Puntigam in a location in which he has already been working.  Click here for the link to his site.

Tomorrow evening the Tagtool Chink Chank begins in the Kunstwerkstadt, Tulln and the rest of our visit to Austria will be filled with drawing, talking, discussing, and planning all things Tagtool (and also, no doubt, some partying as well!).  At this event there will also be workshop sessions where participants will be able to build their very own Tagtool.  The link above gives all the details.

I will try to take photos and do a posting for each day of our visit – but now it is time to load up the van, drive to Gneixendorf and prepare for our first Tagtool session.

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