Tagtool in České Budějovice

The white painted exterior of the old town armoury with its small windows and crow-step gable proved to be a most interesting ‘canvas’ for Tagtool drawing and with the wide throw of the 10,000 lumens (very big and expensive!) projector provided by Lunchmeat it was possible to cover the whole of the building with wonderfully vibrant colour even before it became dark.For the spectators standing in the square in front of the building there was a completely unobstructed view of the projections – and also for me at my Tagtool workstation. The weather was dry and warm – in short, the ideal conditions for an outdoor Tagtool performance!
Here are more photos of some of the drawing sequences (easy to spot the ones that were taken by Dima – they’re all in focus and better quality than mine!)
With this very powerful 10,000 lumen projector it was possible to get some really strong yellows and ochres (which was really great, as bright yellows like this are just not possible with the equipment we have at home!)
For my next posting I will have some video, but in the meantime – once more a big ‘thank you’ to Lunchmeat for arranging this great Tagtooling opportunity for us and also to the sponsors of this event in České Budějovice, Jihočeská televize and Budweiser Budvar.

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