Tagtool in Slovenia – part 1

This week we are in the beautiful Istrian area of Slovenia.  From 18 to 20 July we will be taking part in the Etno HISTeRIA Festival at Gračišče but last night we were in Koper doing Tagtool drawing at the big concert given by the Mednarodni Orkester Etno Histria in Titov trg, Koper’s beautiful and historic main square.IMG_9648The orchestra, composed of young musicians from all over the world, gave a superb performance and it was a real joy to be part of this really great event!CollageIn the afternoon we set up our workstation to project on the clock tower. We chose this location as the tower has an interesting textured brick surface and was situated on the opposite side of the square from where the orchestra would play.In the evening, as the audience gathered in the square, the orchestra made a very dramatic entrance, walking in procession singing and playing their instruments, and were accompanied by dancers, acrobats and stilt walkers.The square is floodlit at night, so we knew in advance that ambient light would be a problem. To overcome this difficulty Dima had planned to use his new triple projector solution in order to give a brighter image for my Tagtool drawings but there was a problem with the electricity supply in the square and at the last minute we had to work off a generator, so we had to use our single short throw projector instead. This gave quite a good image, but not quite as bright as we had planned – a pity, as the tower was a really great surface for projection.
Below are some photos that I took with my little camera during the evening.

This concert was really special! It was a real privilege to be able to take part – and tomorrow we travel to Ljubljana to perform with the orchestra again before returning to Gračišče to prepare for the HISTeRIA Festival in the forest.

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