Tagtool in Strakonice

On 11 September we made another nice visit to Strakonice to do some Tagtooling. This time we were taking part in the town festival ‘Strakonice nejen sobě’ and we had this great riverside location for our performance!A cloudless sky meant that I had to begin drawing before it was properly dark and as can be seen from Martin’s photo of our Tagtool set up, there was quite a lot of light pollution from the streetlights on the main road behind us.
Because of this I began to draw mostly in black and white…
…and only used some bright colour when it was really dark.
Although the river was quite fast-flowing it was possible to see some reflections in the water and to add these to the composition – which was fun.

DJ DxTech909 supplied the sound for the performance – and in the photos below, some bright colour to match the mood of his music!

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