Tagtool in Sweden – Part 1

Last week in Kristianstad our first drawing session was on the facade of the theatre in the Tivoli gardens. Although painted white, this beautiful art nouveau building, designed by Swedish architect Axel Anderberg in 1908, presented quite a drawing challenge because of all the big windows. Also, because of the latitude, it took quite a long time for the sky to get properly dark, but at least this meant that Dima had plenty of time to find the best position to set up the generator and our beautiful new Epson projector.Two more shots of the first drawing sequence, made while it was still quite light…
…but as it got darker the colours looked much brighter and more dramatic.

There was quite a lot of ambient light from the lamps in front of the building……covering them with black bin bags proved to be a quick and effective solution!
Once it got really dark, when seen from a distance with the illuminated fountain playing in the formal garden in front of the theatre, the facade really glowed…

This session was arranged in order to make publicity photos for the Tagtool workshops we were holding on Thursday and performance on Friday night at Barbacka cultural centre in Kristianstad as part of their museum night programme. I was very happy to have this nice opportunity to draw on such an interesting building.
Before packing up the Tagtool we turned the projector on to these trees and I drew some scary faces in the leaves – just for fun!

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