Tagtool Party Weekend

Lst Saturday was my birthday – what better excuse to have a big Tagtooling weekend!Our Tagtool friends from Austria arrived on Friday and the party began right away with drinks in the kitchen and then after dinner everyone went into the studio to set up the equipment.It required the combined efforts of Matthias, Seppy, Joerg and Dima to get the visitors’ extra projectors, different video cameras and Tagtools to all work together but quite soon they had everything set up and ready to go – and as this photo shows, it all looked very impressive.

(Die. Puntigam on Tagtool)

For the first jam session they had the projectors focussed on one wall only behind our new performance corner but on Sunday they were able to reorganise the set up to have all four projectors and two Tagtools working so that it was possible for two people to draw together across both walls – a really huge and exciting projection area!   Here are a few photos that I took with my little camera.(Matthias on Tagtool, Dima on Guitar)Jan and Matthias on TagtoolsDie. Puntigam and Frances on TagtoolsOn Saturday I didn’t take any photos but instead spent all my time either drawing or partying (especially  partying!!)….so most of the pictures above are from our Sunday jamming – when we continued drawing intensively until well after midnight!  Matthias, Jan, Seppy, Die. Puntigam and I all drew and in my next posting I will have the video clips that Dima is putting together from the material that he, Joerg and Seppy recorded during the weekend.  When a group of people get together to draw like this it is always a lot of fun – but it is also a very interesting and illuminating experience.   You discover such a lot, not only about how other people go about drawing, but I find that when I draw with someone else I learn new things about how I draw as well.   All too soon it was time to pack up the Tagtools and head for home – but we will all meet up next month at the Chink Chank in Tulln  –  and that will be another great collective drawing opportunity!

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    thanx frances and dima for all,
    we will be back!!

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