Tagtool performance in Písek

‘Světlo v ulicích’ is the title of Písek’s festival of light and we were invited to do live Tagtool drawing on the courthouse building (below) in the main square.
Above – Dima preparing cameras and the Tagtool while the Lunchmeat crew set up the sound system and mount the projector on top of the van for the performance, which was scheduled to begin at 7 pm. The event was very well organised with part of the car-park already cordoned off for us when we arrived.So many people arrived early when we were testing the equipment that I had to do the drawings above to announce the start time of the performance. By 7 pm the whole square was full of people and there were big crowds standing in the street leading to it as well – I think it is perhaps the largest audience I have ever seen for an outdoor Tagtool performance!(The organisers estimated that there were about 2000 people but because I was busy drawing and everyone watching was behind me, I was hardly aware of the audience!) Here are some photos that Dima took of my drawings.

As well as taking the photos above, Dima made two videos of the performance, an ‘arty’ one using his home-made circular capture camera rig that shows both the projection and whole of the square, and a ‘straight’ one using his Panasonic GH2 camera showing my Tagtool drawing on the courthouse building.


So – big thanks to Lunchmeat for organising this really great performance opportunity for us and also to the crew for driving us to and from the event and ensuring that everything went so smoothly!

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