Tagtool session in Berlin

Last week we were in Berlin for a couple of days – a flying visit in the van to collect a Steenbeck for our film activities and also an opportunity to do a Tagtool session at our friend Schmacke’s place.  Some people had seen our performance at the party there last year (when I was drawing over  Super 8 found film footage) but this impromptu session was a bit different as we had only the Tagtool with us this time.  To show people who arrived at the party early the range of mark-making possibilites of the Tagtool, I began by making a lot of different coloured squiggles, lines and shapes for Dima to animate and then some people who were interested ‘had a go’ at drawing.  Unfortunately when we got home I discovered that for some reason my computer hadn’t captured most of our performance, only this short clip – in it I am drawing and Dima is doing the animation.

The sound track is Canto Hondo 2 by Moondog Jr.

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  • Reply stevie weenie April 16, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    Nice work! I like the music in this video.

    It was great to see you guys at Skoslka28 this week. I’ll check back on your site to see what else is happening again.


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