Tagtool workshop – Drawing as a performance art

Now that the 2014 Lunchmeat Festival is over it is catch-up time for the blog! As part of the events accompanying the festival, we held a two day workshop, ‘Drawing as a Performance Art’, on 5 and 6 April at Lunchmeat’s club, NEONE, and an open air performance by the students at Proluka in Prague on 15 April.

Of the four students who attended the workshop, only one had any prior experience of Tagtool drawing. They produced some nice drawing sequences during the workshop and there are lots of photos on this facebook Tagtool workshop page but I have selected these images to show the range of their work.

For the outdoor session we had the Red Bull car with its sound system and generator to power our equipment and provide the music for the students’ performance – and here is Dima setting up the Tagtool and projectors.It was a very cold and damp evening but despite the bad weather the students kept on drawing until it began to rain really heavily and we had to turn off the projectors and hurriedly pack all the equipment in the van and go home.

So – a big ‘thank you’ to the students, whose hard work ensured that the workshop was such a success, to the Lunchmeat organisers and to Red Bull for providing the power and sound system for the outdoor performance. Also I must thank Markéta Vozková for publishing this article about the workshop in the on-line magazine,’Kulturio’. It is in Czech but has two videos showing us working at NEONE and also a short video showing part of the students’ outdoor performance – do check it out!

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