Tagtooling at DOX

This was our second visit to DOX Gallery this year – this time it was to provide visuals on the roof terrace for an evening event held by Česká Pojišťovna to celebrate the company’s 185th anniversary. We set up three Tagtools – which meant that in addition to the two walls of the terrace we could also do some Tagtool drawing on the wall behind Martin Mikuláš‘s DJ console.I made the drawing in the photo above in order to ‘cover up’ Petr Motyčka‘s ‘Shoe Christ’, and just left this one image in place for the whole of the evening. This meant that we could concentrate on making a sequence of drawings using the other two Tagtools and it was great that Jan was able to come to draw with me as this meant that I didn’t have to work on two big drawings simultaneously all of the time! Below are two photos that I took of some of Jan’s work.As the temperature was much lower than it was in April on our previous visit to DOX, the patio heaters on the terrace were very welcome but because of the cold most people stayed in the bar and only went out onto the terrace to smoke.I began the evening by making the drawings below on the wall opposite the bar.And here are some more photos of drawings that I did later on in the evening….It would have been nice if the weather had been warmer – but the roof terrace at DOX is such a great place for Tagtooling that the cold wasn’t a problem for me!

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