Tagtooling in Slovenia! (part 2)

Above is a view of Grad Snežnik, pictured in this photo by Ana Jeran reflected in the clear water of the lake by day, and below, the same view at night with one of the drawings that I made during the Floating Castle Festival to accompany the groups of musicians who played beneath the arched entrance to the castle.The white painted exterior of the castle was the perfect surface for Tagtooling, with the reflections in the lake adding an extra dimension to the drawings…For the drawing below I decided to make use of these reflections in the water to create the illusion of the woman and child bathing in the lake.Musicians also played on a ‘floating stage’, moving slowly across the lake. (This was an historic wooden boat, carved from a single massive tree trunk, which had been brought by lorry from a local museum specially for the festival and had to be lowered by a team of men into the water!) For this part of the programme I drew only abstract patterns on the castle wall as a backdrop for the music.Dima took the projector from the tripod, moving it to focus on the boat at it slowly crossed the lake. As I continued to draw, this movement of the projector set up the most amazing patterns and reflections in the water and on the castle walls but unfortunately I don’t have any photos of this except for this one very dark image that I took with my little camera while I was drawing…On Friday night the band Ethnotrip was playing under the trees at the entrance to the castle. For this performance we moved the Tagtool and projector so that I could draw over the whole of the front of the castle – which was great fun! I made several drawings from this position – so here are some more photos.On Saturday night there wasn’t a performance in front of the castle so instead of moving the projector I spent the whole evening just standing drawing by the lakeside – which gave me time to develop this more detailed image.As the projection distances to both the front and side of the castle were quite long, using the 6000 lumen Acer projector which gave a large and bright image was really great (a big ‘thank you’ to Lunchmeat from Prague!). It also meant that Dima could set up our smaller projector as well as his LED lights inside Suncab’s dome tent so that people could try out the Tagtool mini for themselves. I’ll end this post with one of Christina’s drawings which, together with Dima’s lights, created a nice party atmosphere for the late night revellers…

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