Tagtooling in Slovenia! (part 1)

Last week we were staying in Kozarišče for the Floating Castle Site-specific Festival at Grad Snežnik. We did a lot of Tagtooling of course, but also enjoyed the fellowship of the large number of superb musicians who had travelled from many countries to play at this ethno-festival.
We took lots of photos for the blog and I’ll begin this post with the concert that took place in the coastal town of Koper on Tuesday evening…..The sunset was beautiful when we arrived at the market square for the ‘HISTeRIA etno džem konceRtrat’ concert, which brought together musicians from Slovenia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Moldova and India.Musically, this was a most exciting concert and it was a real joy for me to have this opportunity to draw. It was quite a challenge too, because I hadn’t heard the musicians in rehearsal and had only a vague idea of the length of the programme.The combination of the height of the stage and the angle of the projector beam meant that I had to concentrate most of the white and light toned drawing on the upper part of the drop-down screen in order not to blind the musicians when they were playing – which presented yet another challenge for me!Below – all the musicians onstage to take a bow at the end of the concert. As well as taking these photos, Dima has made a video of part of this concert and when it is uploaded I will put it in another posting.

Coming soon!
Part 2 of our trip to Slovenia which will be all about the Floating Castle Festival and photos of our projections at Grad Snežnik.

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