Tagtooling once more!

I haven’t done any postings recently as I haven’t used my Tagtool for nearly two months now! While Dima has been away I have been in my studio working on some ‘old fashioned’ drawing and painting instead. Today we had our first Tagtool session since his return and I must say it was great to be doing some ‘live’ drawing again. It was the first time I had an opportunity to use the new version of nodekit that Dima installed on my laptop (see all about this latest version of the software on the Tagtool website) . As this was just a short test session to see if all the equipment was working and I was really only scribbling we didn’t record anything, but I thought I should take at least one photo for the blog.We are going to Austria this weekend – with our Tagtool, of course, so I hope to be doing more (and I hope more interesting!) postings with new stuff very soon.

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