Tagtool@Mapping Festival – Videos

Wednesday 16 May


This is the first half of our ‘Libusin Posse’ performance. This video is about 27 minutes long but the performance lasted for just over an hour. Unfortunately the card in Dima’s video camera ran out half way…..

Thursday 17 May


In this video I am drawing with Itzi and the musicians are Steve Buchanan, Divad Obenaus, Margaret Unknown and Philip Zoubek. We were participating in the Tagtool Anthology part of the festival programme, where each evening a number of members of the Tagtool community played together in a series of improvised performances.

Friday 18 May


Three short excerpts from the Friday Anthology programme in which Die. Puntigam was drawing with me. The music is by K.U.N.T.Z. with Dima Berzon.

These are all of Dima’s videos of the festival but throughout the three days of the Tagtool programme Joerg and Andi (seen below in conversation with Malu)
took video of all the performances, events and interviews with the artists and Tagtool developers. When all their video material has been edited, I expect that a big feature article will be published on the Tagtool website – and when this happens I will post a link on the blog!

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