The Chink Chank – day 4

On Sunday afternoon when everyone had (more or less!) recovered from the Saturday late night partying we all met up at the Kunstwerkstatt for the final day of the Chink Chank. It was time for more small group discussions about the Nodekit, copying and sharing photos of the previous days’ sessions and (most exciting!) the moment for the Tagtool builders to try out their brand new minis for the first time with Markus standing by to answer people’s questions and lend a hand. Ange took these photos of Alistair and Kellie with their new Tagtools; I was too busy trying to write up my blog!Dima installed our Edirol mixer and Tagtool in the main space of the Kunstwerkstatt and we did a short demonstration so that people could try out the possibilities of using film clips and drawing over them.The photos below show Rasmus, with a relaxed but attentive audience, developing a large scale animation while other people played with the Edirol mixer.The final session of the afternoon was a presentation on the future development of the Tagtool community by Markus, based on the outcomes of individual inputs of ideas and our moderated discussion on Saturday afternoon. This was accompanied by a very nice Tagtool flow diagram made by Matthias, but I was so busy writing the various points in my notebook that unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of it! The six topics covered Hardware FAQs, Software development, Moderation of and Editorial, Web 2 and Web development – so, lots of things to do, and to think about in the weeks to come!

Our last evening in Tulln included Lilly Jäckl reading passages from her newly completed book, ‘amen,amen’ while Dieter Puntigam made live Tagtool drawings based on his illustrations.I was so sorry that I am not able to understand German as I am certain that this book, as described by the publishers, “ist kein gewöhnliches Buch” (is no ordinary book) – and that Dieter’s illustrations will be ‘no ordinary illustrations’.

Seppy and Matthias kicked off the evening jam sessions and soon it was party time – again – at the Kunstwerkstatt!But it wasn’t to be all new media at the Chink Chank. Dieter got out his box of paints, set up the white paper screens that he made when we arrived at the Kunstwerkstatt and we were all ready for a group drawing session. Very soon Alistair, Dieter, Kellie, Lennie and I had every facet of the screens covered – this was lots of fun!!Then it was back to the Tagtools for the last jam session of the night.
Chink Chank 2010 was over.
What can I say – a very big thank you to everyone who made this such an interesting and exciting event!

Happy Tagtooling and roll on 2011!!!

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  • Reply Rasmus Landgreen May 3, 2010 at 8:04 pm

    my oh my, that was 5 days of pure goodness. Excellent posts Frances.

  • Reply Tom Stockinger May 4, 2010 at 10:51 am

    Yeah, what a weekend! I’m so glad I came out to Tulln to meet all of you guys, it was really fun!

  • Reply Das Gnu May 12, 2010 at 7:30 pm

    we did the chink, the chank and the chunk … uh yeah!!

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